Offshore wind forecasts claim European targets will be met

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23 May 2013, Nuclear, Solar, Wind

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By the end of 2012 the European offshore wind industry was lagging 14% behind target, but buoyed on by a range of government incentives growth prospects are encouraging. There is significant variation between country outlooks according to Datamonitor's forecasts, but the existing pipeline of future projects is, in theory, sufficient to surpass the 2020 target.

The detailed project pipelines for each country give strong insight into the development potential and provide useful industry knowledge. Growth forecasts for each European country highlight some major growth markets as well as static markets. Detailed insight is provided for each country drawn from in-depth research into each market. Political changes mean that some countries could greatly exceed their 2020 targets while others fall further behind.

The research specifically addresses these issues:

What is the offshore wind market outlook and forecasts for European countries?

Which countries are behind target and which are ahead of target?

Why is Europe behind target and what issues need to be resolved in each country?

What is the status of offshore wind projects in each European country?

What are the future National Renewable Energy Action Plan targets for offshore wind?

Datamonitor's "Offshore Wind Forecasts to 2020" report will be available on the Knowledge Center from the end of May 2013. / / @DatamonitorEN

Source: MarketLine

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