SMA Solar Technology anticipating a loss in 2013 - no-one is safe

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28 March 2013, Nuclear, Solar, Wind

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SMA Solar Technology has dominated the PV inverter market for as long as anyone can remember - although with the current market conditions, memories of the good times may be the most cherished thing for many suppliers soon. Its dominance has been built on a full product range - its products can be used in any installation of any size almost anywhere in the world - and a global service operation, which provides a "one size fits all" solution. The quality associated with the German SMA brand has also offered it limited cover from increasing global competition; even lower-cost Chinese suppliers do not always win over SMA, as the inverter is the heart of the installation, and if it goes down the power simply does not flow.

However, despite the strength of its product, service, and brand it cannot rule out a loss in 2013, with break even being the "result in the best scenario" according to its own forecasts in its 2012 annual financial report.

So if one of the strongest companies in the PV industry is staring at a grim 2013, then suppliers with any form of weakness are in serious trouble. The solar shakeout is going to intensify this year, and the question of which companies will survive is made even more uncertain now that SMA Solar Technology is sounding warning signals. / / @DatamonitorEN

Source: MarketLine

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