Aemetis to deploy Edeniq's cellulosic ethanol technology

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11 April 2016, Nuclear, Solar, Wind

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Edeniq's Pathway Technology integrates Edeniq's Cellunator equipment with cellulase enzymes to convert corn kernel fiber to cellulosic ethanol. The Pathway Technology utilizes existing fermentation and distillation equipment to produce up to 2.5% cellulosic ethanol and a 7% increase in overall ethanol yield.

"We selected Edeniq's technology because we believe it is the fastest and most cost-efficient route to cellulosic ethanol," said Eric McAfee, Chairman and CEO of Aemetis. "This partnership is part of our commitment to being a leader in the transition toward advanced biofuel production in the US and globally."

"Aemetis joins a growing list of customers that trust Edeniq to provide best-in-class technology solutions and services," said Brian Thome, President and CEO of Edeniq. "Our team is looking forward to working with the Aemetis team to integrate our technology into their facility."

Edeniq is the leader in developing analytical methods to quantify cellulosic ethanol co-produced with first-generation ethanol during fermentation, which is required to access regulatory value including D3 Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs). Aemetis plans to use Edeniq's methods to submit a registration to the US Environmental Protection Agency for D3 RINs.

Source: MarketLine

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