Alliant Energy to start power Wisconsin project

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13 April 2016, Electricity

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The project will involve rebuilding nearly four miles of the existing main electric feed to the Pell Lake area. This will significantly improve the reliability for residents and businesses in the region.

In mid-April, Alliant Energy will begin construction near Post Road and Pine Road on the southwest side of Pell Lake. Over 200 poles and 25,000 feet of wire will be replaced throughout 2016 and into early 2017. The company's total investment in the line and pole replacement project is $1.3 million.

The project will loop the Pell Lake area as work proceeds in a northeast direction before heading west and finally south. Lines will be rebuilt and new electric poles will be put in along sections of the following roads and streets: Post Road, Clover Road, Lake Shore Drive, Orchid Drive, Geranium Road, Condon Road, Park Road, Arbutus Road, Hawthorne Road, Mulberry Drive, Wisteria Road, Moss Drive, Primrose Road and Daisy Road. Some tree trimming will be needed on the route to accommodate the new lines and poles.

The upgrade is needed because of the advanced age and condition of the existing lines. The infrastructure has worked well over the years, but it was installed in the 1940s and 1950s and needs replacement. The new equipment will increase reliability and reduce electric outages for customers.

"The Pell Lake Loop has performed well for many years, but it was reaching the end of its useful life and needed modernization to meet the future needs of the area," said Liane Muzzy, Alliant Energy Customer Operations Manager. "This project will help us better serve customers in the area and increase our power reliability and dependability."

Source: MarketLine

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