Call for papers: OGEL special issue on "Energy Law and Policy in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)"

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22 April 2015, Oil, Gas, LPG, Electricity

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Call for papers online here:

Oil, Gas and Energy Law Intelligence ( invites submissions for a special issue on "Energy Law and Policy in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)". The guest editors of this special will be Professor A.F.M. Maniruzzaman, School of Law, University of Portsmouth and Yanal Abul-Failat, LXL LLP.

Energy Law and Policy in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

OGEL - MENA - map

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration.

The MENA region is estimated to have 60% of the world's oil reserves and 45% of the word's gas reserves. The region, which includes all the 6 GCC as well as 8 of the 12 OPEC member states, has been the leading global energy supplier for decades. However, with the recent US shale revolution and its inspiration in the rest of the world, the geopolitics of energy is gradually shifting its course and the region's traditional energy power base is being constantly challenged. The recent volatile political situations in the region have also added a new dimension to the problem. The current volatility of energy prices in the global market (primarily triggered by the Saudi-initiated oil price war in repose to the US Shale revolution) and the recent trend of divestment from fossil fuel as a response to global warming and other climate change issues have created some uncertainty for investors and other stakeholders. It is, however, true that fossil fuel will not go away from the global energy-mix overnight, it will be there for several more decades at least, according to various reports. The shift of the MENA's traditional position in the global energy scene threatens the global stability and security of energy supply as well as the region's importance as the leading energy supplier. In order to deal with the situation the MENA governments and related inter-governmental organizations will have to seriously consider some matters such as diversification of energy including renewables, energy security, energy governance, energy cooperation, resource nationalism, sustainable energy development and legal infrastructure, etc., amongst others. The purpose of this Special OGEL is to explore these and other related aspects and issues in the MENA's evolving prospective new policy and legal space.

The following is a list of suggested topics (non-exhaustive) on which papers are invited:

  • Energy law and policy at the MENA regional level

  • Renewable energy policy

  • Regional energy cooperation in MENA

  • Energy governance

  • Energy security

  • Resource nationalism

  • MENA energy and geopolitics

  • Sustainable development of oil, gas and energy in MENA

  • Energy, environment and climate change related issues

  • EU and MENA cooperation

  • The Energy Charter Treaty and MENA

  • International Energy Charter (2015) and MENA

  • MENA energy community

  • MENA energy law and policy - Country specific developments

  • Influence of OPEC

  • Strategy of some countries move from crude oil base to diversification of business including refinery

  • Energy dispute resolution in MENA

  • International oil, gas and energy contracts in MENA

  • Energy & environment

  • Business & human rights

  • Corporate social responsibility

For citation style please follow "The Oxford University Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities" (4th ed.,OSCOLA):

Free PDF version of OSCOLA (4th edn, Hart 2012) -

The papers should be submitted to the editors by the end of September 2015.

afm maniruzziman

Prof. A.F.M. Maniruzzaman

University of Portsmouth

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yanal abul failat

Yanal Abul-Failat


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Please CC when making your submission. Feel free to forward this call for papers to colleagues who may be interested in contributing to the special issue.

Call for papers on the OGEL website here:

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