Call for papers: OGEL special issue on International Taxation in the Energy Sector

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5 February 2015, Oil, Gas, LPG, Electricity, Nuclear, Solar, Wind

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Oil, Gas and Energy Law Intelligence ( invites submissions for a special issue on "International Taxation in the Energy Sector". The guest editor for this special issue will be Dr. Knut Olsen of Dr. K. Olsen Global Tax Consultants.

It is ten years since the last special OGEL issue on taxation was published. Since then, there has been increasing globalisation and the tax world has changed, the tax risks have become sky-high, transfer pricing developments have accelerated, the tax authorities have obtained greater resources, all countries are needing more revenue and tax compliance has become more burdensome. The energy sector has all the tax excitement that one could ever wish for and taxation has become more complicated and important than ever.

Submissions of relevant tax articles are invited for inclusion in this special tax issue. It is intended that the majority of papers will cover international taxation, but country specific tax issues related to the energy sector will also be welcomed.

Potential topics related to these international tax issues could include:

  • Will the conflict between the UN & OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines affect the energy sector?

  • Taxation of business operating on the Continental Shelves, in the EEZ and on the High Seas

  • Taxation in the Arctic

  • Business restructuring in the energy sector

  • Intangibles and transfer pricing in the energy sector

  • Tax - a huge challenge and tax risks for the energy business

  • What will Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) mean for the energy industry?

  • Supreme Court ruling on oil & gas taxation

  • Petroleum contracts and taxation

  • Tax dispute solution within the energy sector

  • Exploration and taxation

  • US proposal to raise oil and natural gas industry taxes by $90 over the next 10 years

Republished material can be accepted provided they are good quality papers and we receive permission from the copyright holder to republish it on OGEL.

Papers should be submitted by 15th March 2015 to the editor Dr. Knut Olsen - contact info on the OGEL website here

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