Call for papers: OGEL special issue on "Natural Gas Provisions in Host Government Contracts"

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5 December 2013, Oil, LPG

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Oil, Gas and Energy Law Intelligence invites submissions for a special issue on Natural Gas in Host Government Contracts. The editors for this special issue are Dr. Eduardo G. Pereira, Managing Director of STR Holding and Professor Kim Talus, UEF Law School, Editor-in-Chief for OGEL.

Historically natural gas was not always a welcomed discovery. This has now changed and where the natural gas deposits are significant enough to justify investments, the deposits are welcome. However, the regulatory and contractual treatment of natural gas typically differs from that of oil.

Host government contracts, or granting instruments, typically include specific provisions on natural gas. The government take, declaration of commerciality, duration of the agreement, environmental regulations, among other rights and obligations of the parties can differ significantly from those of oil. The qualities of gas as a product, requires certain differentiation. In addition, unconventional activities might require special provisions to deal with such challenges.

Thus, we invite submissions of papers and studies examining various approaches to natural gas in host government contracts, Production Sharing Contracts, Concessions or others.

We invite both country specific studies, comparative studies and studies that cover this area more generally from an international perspective. We invite legal, contractual and policy level contributions.

Papers should be submitted by 1st of March 2014 to:

Dr. Eduardo Pereira and Dr. Kim Talus, see the call for papers Natural Gas in Host Government Contracts for contact info.

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