Call for papers: OGEL Special Issue on Risks and Responses to Risk in the Energy Sector

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16 April 2012, Oil, Gas, LPG, Electricity, Nuclear, Solar, Wind

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Oil, Gas and Energy Law Intelligence ( invites submissions for a Special issue covering Risks and Responses to Risk in the Energy Sector. The guest editors for this special will be Mirian Kene Kachikwu of Shell International Limited and Dr. Leon Moller of The Robert Gordon University, Department of Law.

The risks that energy companies face have grown in many areas over the last years and decades. For upstream oil and gas companies, developments in international anti-bribery frameworks and their enforcement, market fluctuations, ever-increasing business mergers and acquisitions, evolving environmental pressures, stringent operational safety considerations, moving operations deeper offshore, to new frontier areas and the end of "easy oil", increasing public scrutiny and regulatory demands for transparency have all increased the financial, legal, contractual and other risks inherent in these operations. For downstream companies, power or gas utilities, the new risks stemming from infrastructure obsolescence, privatisation and market liberalisation have caused a fundamental change in the way downstream utilities work and interact with each other.

Regulatory transitions in many areas create risk and cause uncertainty including increased regulatory and antitrust scrutiny of various transactions as a ready example. Submissions of material are hereby invited for inclusion in the special issue.

Potential topics related to this special could be:

  • Regulatory risk in upstream operations

  • Regulatory risk in downstream markets

  • Investment stability and changing regulation

  • International fight against bribery and corruption

  • International antitrust enforcement

  • Border Disputes

  • Environmental risks

  • Geopolitical risks

  • Investment risks

Papers should be submitted by the end of August 2012 to the editors, see Call for papers: OGEL Special Issue on Risks and Responses to Risk in the Energy Sector for contact info.

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