Call for papers: OGEL special "Joint Operating Agreements & National Oil Companies: Challenges and Dynamics"

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22 February 2013, Oil, Gas, LPG, Electricity, Nuclear, Solar, Wind

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Oil, Gas and Energy Law Intelligence invites submissions for a special issue on "Joint Operating Agreements & National Oil Companies". The guest editor for this special issue is Dr. Eduardo G. Pereira , Managing Director of STR Holding.

Historically oil and gas upstream activities were largely open for foreign investments. However, nationalisation throughout the last decades concentrated the vast majority of natural resources with NOCs. Therefore, IOCs are far more likely to deal with NOCs as a their partner in the present than in the past. The special issue would address the legal, economic, operational and policies challenges to a Joint Operating Agreement whenever it has a NOC as a "partner".

Thus, we invite submissions of papers and studies covering the key concerns and provisions that should be affected and/or highly debated between IOCs and NOCs in a Joint Operating Agreement.Some of the topical issues that could be examined are:

  • Working Interest

  • Rights and Obligations

  • Operatorship

  • Management

  • Liabilities

  • Exclusive Operations

  • Default

  • Assignment

  • WPB

  • Procurement

  • Governing Law & DR

Papers should be submitted by 1st of May 2013 - Contact info at the OGEL website.

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