Capstone receives order for C600 microturbines for oil field project in Libya

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18 April 2016, Oil

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MicroTurbine Power, Capstone's distributor in North Africa and parts of the Middle East, secured the new order, which is expected to be commissioned in late 2016. Capstone microturbines were selected for their reliability and low operational cost. With only one moving part, a patented air bearing, no coolants or lubricants, and with minimal maintenance requirements, Capstone microturbines make the ideal choice for high ambient temperature and harsh remote environments.

The diesel-fired C600 microturbines will be installed in a standby power application and configured to back up critical loads. In the event of a power outage, the microturbines will provide backup power to onsite water pumps and other oil and gas equipment. When needed, the electricity generated by the microturbines can cover nearly all the energy needs of the site, giving the customer enhanced reliability for operational stability.

Darren Jamison, President and CEO of Capstone Turbine, said, "We have identified Africa as one of our strategic growth markets along with Mexico, South America, Eastern Europe, Australia, China and the Middle East. Africa provides considerable growth opportunities in traditional applications such as oil and gas, industrial CHP and biogas, and in remote micro-grid applications that successfully operate in concert with wind, solar and storage technologies."

"Concentrated efforts on improving our geographical diversification are a key strategic initiative and part of our overall business recovery plan. We are pleased to see that our sales and marketing efforts are resulting in significant new bookings from within our targeted growth areas. As the energy efficiency and CHP market verticals continue to show steady growth, they have helped to offset the downturn we have been experiencing in the oil and gas markets," added Mr Jamison.

"MicroTurbine Power is making impressive progress as they are diligently expanding our presence in the African oil and gas market," said Jim Crouse, Executive vice president of Sales and Marketing at Capstone Turbine. "By leveraging our demonstrated success in oil and gas operations around the world, Capstone is able to meet the demanding requirements of oil and gas producers in challenging environments such as Africa," added Mr Crouse.

Source: MarketLine

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