Eversource announces $50 million investment on Connecticut gas main projects

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13 April 2016, Gas, Electricity

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The work involves replacing approximately 103,000 feet of existing cast iron and bare steel pipe with newer plastic pipe, which is safer, more resistant to corrosion, more durable and better able to handle fluctuations in underground temperatures.

"As state-of- the-art materials and construction techniques advance, we continue upgrading our system to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of natural gas," said Marc Andrukiewicz, Eversource vice president of Gas Engineering. "Aging is a natural process in life and that also applies to our infrastructure. So each year, we review the system's performance and identify areas to make necessary and valuable improvements to maintain a first-rate natural gas distribution system."

In the past five years, Eversource has replaced nearly 100 miles of older gas main. The company recently completed the first of two phases of upgrade work in Torrington in the area of Pearl, Barber and Prospect Streets, replacing approximately 1,200 feet of gas main as part of the accelerated replacement program. Another 3,600 feet will be upgraded in that area beginning in April. Additionally, the company is currently installing roughly 4,000 feet of new pipe along Wolcott Street in Waterbury.

Work to replace 3,800 feet of gas main along Atlantic and Bedford Streets in Stamford will begin next month. Soon after, Eversource will upgrade 5,800 feet of main along Courtland Avenue and Seaton Road. In Meriden, replacement work continues in many locations, including Kensington, Sylvan, Reservoir and Graveline Avenues.

Eversource works closely with community leaders and customers where work is being done to minimize the impact to traffic and coordinate other roadwork happening in the town. Customers may experience a short disruption to service when the new gas main is being activated and they will be notified in advance by letter, phone or in-person visit. The company aims to have all 2016 gas main improvement projects completed by November.

Source: MarketLine

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