Indian Oil commissions In tank blended bio diesel HSD B5 at Korukkupet terminal

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13 April 2016, Oil, Gas

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"Am very happy and proud to inaugurate this commendable process innovation, front ended by our Operations team. Providing uninterrupted supply of B5 Diesel (HSD) to the market has become a necessity now. Instead of doping and blending bio diesel by fixing flow meters to fill Tank Trucks, this In tank blending of products has not only saved almost Rs. 2.2 crores, it has also become a benchmark in the industry. While congratulating the team, I also express my satisfaction at the positive encouragement given by our HO, QC and R&D teams to facilitate this process innovation" said Mr U.V.Mannur , ED TNSO, while flagging off the first In Tank blended bio diesel, HSD (B5) product tank truck TT No: TN 12B 1998 of M/S SRI RAMACHANDRA FUELS at Korukkupet terminal.

Tank No: T-241 at Korukkupet Terminal is going to occupy pride of place at Korukkupet terminal. For- it is this tank which would blend 5% Bio Diesel (B 100) with 95% BS IV HSD, circulating it for four to five hours and feed it straight it to the tank trucks as blended Bio Diesel HSD B5 product for further distribution to retail outlets of Chennai, Pondicherry, Kancheepuram etc.

What it so special about this is, you may ask. Well the specialty is- this is the first time in the industry that an In Tank Blending of this nature is happening!! Supply of Bio Diesel, a more environment friendly Diesel (HSD), has so far involved infrastructure amendments and modifications in TLF gantry, including fixing of flow meters with attendant cost investments, necessary approvals and consumption of considerable time.

A brilliant thought that occurred to the TNSO team, found an enthusiastic support and facilitation from approving departments. So much so, Korukkupet terminal stands first in the industry to actualize this concept.

Says Mr Ganesh Prasad, DGM(Operations), TNSO, "From the word go we were quite energized about the possibility of this. Mr Ayshwarya Prakash, GM(Ops), TNSO and Mr U.V.Mannur, ED(TNSO), stood by us to get it approved. Approximately 35,000kl of blended Bio Diesel HSD (B5) would be fed to the markets per month. Work order has already been placed with private vendors for procuring bio diesel (B100). CPCL supplies BSIV HSD to us."

So far the product code for Biodiesel blended HSD (B5) was defined in automation logic as 95% BSIV HSD (From meter 1) plus 5% Biodiesel (B100) from meter 2.

Source: MarketLine

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