OGEL 1 (2016) - Mexico's Oil and Gas Sector Reform

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20 April 2016, Oil, Gas, LPG, Electricity

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A diverse group of energy experts has contributed to this special feature on Mexico's Oil and Gas Sector Reform prepared by OGEL Guest editor Professor Owen L. Anderson (Kay Bailey Hutchison Center for Energy, Law & Business, University of Texas School of Law).

This special will surely contribute to help readers understand the transition that is currently taking place in the Mexican energy sector as Professor Anderson states in his introduction: "Mexico has undertaken a wholesale reform of its petroleum sector. New constitutional provisions, new laws, new regulations, new contracts, and a new framework—all to the end of creating a modern petroleum regime that will be attractive to investors. The speed, complexity, and thoroughness of these reforms in truly remarkable."

The table of contents can be viewed online here: https://www.ogel.org/journal-browse-issues-toc.asp?key=66

Table of Contents - Volume 14, issue #01, published March 2016


  • OGEL Special Issue Introduction: Mexico's Oil and Gas Sector Reform

    by O.L. Anderson, University of Texas School of Law


  • Economic Analysis of the New Petroleum Fiscal Terms of Mexico

    by A.P.H. van Meurs, Van Meurs Corporation

  • Oil Reform: The National Data Repository as the Key Successful Factor of the Upstream Opening in Mexico

    by O. Roldán, National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH)

    I. Rousseau, Centro de Estudios Internacionales, El Colegio de México

  • Pemex's Contracting Regime After the Energy Reform

    by C.A. Morán, Cogan & Partners

    A. Carvallo, University of San Diego School of Law

  • Mexico's E&P Reform - An Opportunity Missed for Petroleum Conservation?

    by D. Auty, Canales Auty

    C. Canales, Canales Auty

  • New Pemex... Old Enforcement Regime? The implications of the New Pemex Statute on the Enforcement of Arbitral Awards against Pemex in the United States

    by D. García Barragán, Chadbourne & Parke LLP

  • The Future of the Deepwater Offshore Oil and Gas Industry in Mexico: Uncapped Environmental Liabilities Combined with a Ceiling for Financial Guarantees?

    by P. Cano Trilla, London Centre of International Law Practice

  • The Mexican Licensing Regime for Hydrocarbons: Lessons from other Jurisdictions - The United Kingdom?

    by D. Huth, Von Wobeser y Sierra S.C.

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