OGEL Call for Papers special on Laws Regulating the Polish Energy Sector - Transition

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23 July 2014, Oil, Gas, LPG, Electricity, Nuclear, Solar, Wind

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Oil, Gas and Energy Law Intelligence (www.ogel.org) invites submissions for a Special issue focusing on laws regulating the Polish energy sector and the transition that is currently taking place. The guest editors for this special issue are Dr Michal Domagala (Assistant professor in John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin) and Piotr Pszczel (Head of Energy Task at the Kawalko&Godlewski law firm, Warsaw, Poland).

Poland plays an interesting role in the current energy debate in Europe at the moment. It is one of the countries which is working to develop its unconventional resources and has many other projects in areas like nuclear and LNG. An OGEL special on Poland will provide an opportunity to present interesting case studies which should be of interest for companies, policy makers and other stakeholders in other countries as well.

The laws governing the energy sector in Poland have been subject of a substantial change in recent months. A significant part of the relevant legal acts has been amended or will be amended in the coming months.

The main impetus for the changes is created by the provisions of the European directives, which should be implemented due to obligations related to the internal energy market within the European Union. However there are more key factors which are expected to shape the coming changes. The government of the Poland has taken several steps in order to improve the country's energy security. Even though the nuclear power plant is still only in the planning stage, the LNG terminal will soon add a new element to the polish energy infrastructure and supply structures.

The long awaited amendments in the area of renewable energy will also change the landscape in terms of investments in the renewable energy sources, establishing a dramatically different business environment for developers of wind and solar power plants.

In addition to the above-mentioned changes, the new regime of the exploration of hydrocarbons in Poland seems to take its final shape. The main of aim of the drafted legislation is to create new regulatory scheme for exploitation of hydrocarbons, which should provide more fair conditions for new investments in exploitation of hydrocarbons in Poland.

Last but not least, the European Union seems to seek new approaches to the important questions of supplies of natural resources for the internal market of the EU, which should also affect the situation of all Member States, including Poland, very soon.

We encourage submission of relevant papers and studies in the scope of the subject. The topics may cover all mentioned aspects of the currently happening legal changes (planned or executed), even if not directly mentioned by the text of the call.

Papers should be submitted by the end of September 2014 to the editors - contact details http://www.ogel.org/news.asp?key=446 

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