OGEL Special Issue Call for Papers: Cross-Border Pipelines

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17 January 2011, Oil, Gas, LPG

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Oil, Gas and Energy Law Intelligence (OGEL, ISSN 1875-418X, www.ogel.org) invites submissions for a Special issue on Cross-border Pipelines. The guest editors for this special issue are Dr. Sergei Vinogradov (Senior Lecturer at CEPMLP, University of Dundee) and Ishrak Siddiky (CEPMLP).

International attention to the issues concerning cross-border pipelines has been on the rise over the last decade. The number of cross-border oil- and gas pipeline projects in development or currently planned or discussed is continuously growing, mostly as a result of the increased concerns about security of energy supply, demand and diversification.

The question of transit also becomes important because of the increased distances separating traditional markets from new petroleum sources, some of which are landlocked. Cross-border pipelines have a history of generating conflict and are exposed to various political and economic risks. The lack of an over-arching legal regime is another factor which may affect the long-term sustainability of existing and future pipeline projects.

The aim of this OGEL special issue is to promote the debate about cross-border pipelines from various perspectives including, geopolitical, legal and economic in order to contribute to still insufficient literature.

We encourage submission of relevant papers, studies, and brief comments on various aspects of this subject.

See the Call for Papers for a list of suggested topics at http://www.ogel.org/news.asp?key=282

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