OGEL special issue: Call for papers on "Comparative Energy Law"

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15 December 2010, Oil, Gas, LPG, Electricity, Nuclear, Solar, Wind

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Oil, Gas, and Energy Law Intelligence (www.ogel.org) invites submissions for a Special issue on the Comparative Analysis of Energy Law. The editors for this special issue are Dr. Kim Talus (lecturer in International Energy and Resources Law at UCL School of Energy and Resources, Australia) and Prof. Giuseppe Bellantuono (Professor of Comparative Law at the University of Trento, Italy).

In the last decades liberalization and climate change policies have changed the face of the energy sector. They also brought with them a heightened interest in comparing the regulatory solutions adopted in different countries. This is obviously true for the implementation of the policies laid down at regional level in the Member States of the European Union. But it is no less true for other parts of the world like Latin America and the Asian countries, which in the same period have started their own liberalization and climate change policies. Today, a great deal of the work related to the energy field going on in academic circles and international organizations has a comparative flavour.

Still, there seems to be a lack of deeper and more systematic reflections on the methodologies to be employed and the direction of research efforts. Many comparative studies grow out from immediate concerns with narrow subjects, but do not provide any connections to a wider theoretical framework. The risk is that ill-conceived comparative studies are relied on by policymakers and lead to bad policies. Moreover, global energy firms operating in tens of different countries might find it difficult to successfully replicate their business models without a sound understanding of the local regulatory framework.

We encourage submission of relevant papers, studies, and brief comments on various aspects of this subject. See the Call for Papers for a list of suggested topics at http://www.ogel.org/news.asp?key=261

Update March 2011: OGEL Special Comparative Energy Law published



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