The OGEL 2 (2013) - Risks and Responses to Risk in the Energy Sector published.

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5 April 2013, Oil, Gas, LPG, Electricity, Nuclear, Solar, Wind

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The OGEL 2 (2013) - Risks and Responses to Risk in the Energy Sector special has been published.


  • OGEL special issue on "Risks and Responses to Risk in the Energy Sector"

    by L. Moller, The Robert Gordon University, Department of Law

    M.K. Kachikwu


  • Navigating the Challenging Topography of the Contemporary Energy Industry - Emerging Risks

    by M.K. Kachikwu

  • Tax Risks in the Energy Sector - An Increasing Challenge

    by K. Olsen, Knut Olsen Global Tax Consultant

  • Nothing Is Certain...? Changes in Tax and Fiscal Regimes Are Reshaping the Way Investors and Companies Evaluate Oil and Gas Investments

    by G. Matlock, Ernst & Young LLP

  • Risk and Response in Australia's Offshore Petroleum Sector - Lessons from Varanus Island and Montara

    by T. Hunter, TC Beirne School of Law - The University of Queensland

  • The Changing Face of Regulation in Australia's Offshore Oil and Gas Industry: An Analysis of Post Incident Regulatory Reform From Piper Alpha to Deepwater Horizon

    by A.G. Newland, Clayton Utz

  • The Post-Macondo World of Litigation, Regulation and Transactions: No Longer Business As Usual

    by R.P. Thibault, P.B. Smyth, J.M. Thies, J.M. Shine, A.H. Bailey, S. Terry,

    Perkins Coie LLP

    W.H. Fronczak, Select Energy Services, LLC

  • Liability for Catastrophic Risk in the Oil and Gas Industry

    by P.D. Cameron, Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law & Policy (CEPMLP)

  • World-wide standards of Good Oilfield Practice - The impact of the blow-out, deaths and spill at the BP Macondo well, MC 252/1-01, US Gulf of Mexico

    by M. Bunter, B and R Co, Petroleum Consultants

  • A New EU Perspective: Climate Change Clauses in Energy Contracts

    by R.M. Radu, Global Solar Council, advisor

  • Incorporated Joint Ventures in the Nigerian Petroleum Industry: Examining the Legal Implications & Regulatory Risks

    by O.M. Oladunjoye, Kola Awodein & Co.

  • The Governance of Oil and Gas Operations in Hostile But Attractive Regions: West Africa

    by L. Moller, The Robert Gordon University, Department of Law

  • Overview of Political and Regulatory Risks in International Energy Investment

    by E. Mohajeri, University of Oklahoma, College of Law

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