Vectren begins replacing gas mains and service lines in Knightstown

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15 April 2016, Gas

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In Knightstown, nearly $600,000 will go toward retiring more than one mile of gas main and 85 service lines in 2016. Since 2008, nearly .50 miles have been retired within the city. Vectren intends to retire a total of nine miles in Knightstown over the next several years.

"To ensure the continued reliability of our natural gas pipeline systems and service, Vectren has undertaken a program to replace essentially all of our bare steel and cast iron pipeline infrastructure in addition to other improvements to our natural gas delivery system," said Mike Roeder, Vectren Energy Delivery of Indiana-North president. "These infrastructure enhancements are vital to meeting federal requirements and ensuring the continued safety of our system for decades to come."

Streets affected during the project include: McCullum Street, Morgan Street, Carey Street, Madison Street, Warrick Street, Brown Street, Harrison Street and Monroe Street.

In most cases, a polyethylene (plastic) system is being installed to replace the current bare steel and cast iron gas pipeline system. First, the gas main, which is a gas pipeline that ranges in size from 2" to 8" and is often underneath the street or sidewalk, will be replaced within the right-of-way, and then the service lines running directly to homes and businesses will be replaced. Upon completion of the project, affected yards, sidewalks and streets will be restored.

"Construction for these pipeline projects may take several weeks to complete, and times may vary based on the size of the project, weather, ground surface/soil and other situations that may arise," said Roeder. "Please be assured that Vectren and its contractors will make every effort to complete each project as quickly as possible and minimize impact to customers and the community."

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