The Petroleum Exploration and Production Handbook

Second Edition (Dec. 2004)
by Michael A. G. Bunter
312 pages
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Provides an authoritative evaluation of Iraq as an E and P petroleum investment opportunity. It describes for the international oil companies market the attractiveness of inward investment into Iraq in terms of its technical, legal/contractual, fiscal and geopolitical prospectivity.

For a more detailed introduction and to view the table of contents, download this PDF document: IRAQ_ep_handbook.pdf (250 kb)

Short introduction to the second edition:

It may seem premature to comment on any new developments in the Iraqi petroleum sector since security has by no means been restored to the country. However recent press reports suggest that the International Oil Companies, the IOCs, do not take an exclusively negative view of future Iraqi oil developments and have been prepared to plan for the future. Not a few companies are now involved in discussions with the Iraqi authorities about full-cycle E and P projects and also about production and rehabilitation deals. We have pleasure in announcing that the Second Edition of "Iraq: the Petroleum Exploration and Production Handbook" is now available for subscribers. This new and enlarged edition is offered to new subscribers at a reduced price and is provided free-of-charge to existing subscribers.

Mr Bunter did anticipate, in the First Edition of his Handbook, a degree of lawlessness to be expected in Iraq after "mission accomplished" although he did not predict with any certainty ( but then nor did anyone else) the present level of insurgency. Not only that, his views on a likely tripartite federal status for Iraq now seem likely to be fulfilled. The latter, if the various functions of the Iraq National Oil Company, INOC, are devolved from Baghdad, could come to have a profound effect on the Iraqi petroleum sector and on future plans to license acreage to the IOCs. Mr Bunter discusses this in detail in his Chapter Six, the Geopolitics of Iraq and the Middle East and in this new edition.

Mr Bunter's Handbook now includes a completely new Chapter Nine, nearly fifty pages long, which was written in November 2004 well over a year after "mission accomplished". It incorporates a good deal of information, newly obtained, on the upstream, midstream and downstream of the Iraqi gas sector. One topic covered in some detail is the plan for the export of Iraqi gas to Turkey. Also provided is post-war material on the rehabilitation and upgrading of the midstream and downstream oil sector, on some full-cycle E and P projects and also new material on the legal situation of the petroleum upstream. The latter includes Iraqi government opinion on the ownership of petroleum reserves. There is also an up-to-date legal discussion on the pre-war petroleum transactions and some information about post-war petroleum operations including the post-war activities of foreign oil companies in Iraq. Much information has also been gleaned on the likely direction of future Iraqi oil policy including its upstream petroleum licensing plans. Last but very definitely not least is a long discussion on the security situation that now confronts the country and its implications for future foreign investment.

About the author

Written by Michael A. G. Bunter, an ex-oil company petroleum geologist with over 30 years of oilfields' experience, the author has had considerable involvement in exploration and production in the Arabian Gulf and is well positioned to address the technical and commercial issues of the Iraq petroleum sector in language familiar to oil company management and to technical specialists.

With the support of an advisory team, lead by Thomas W. Wlde, Professor & Jean-Monnet Chair CEPMLP/Dundee and Principal, Thomas Wlde & Associates, the advisory team includes Dr Falah Alamri, an Iraqi oil lawyer and Professor A Al-Hajji, a noted petroleum economist focusing on Middle East and other oil lawyers, geologists and economists in the UK, US and Iraq.

Edited by Ruth Eldon, IBA Legal Publishing Consultant.

Be well informed about the enormous opportunities arising in this country with its abundant resources but battered infrastructure. Be also well informed about the sensitivities involved and increase your chances over the competition through awareness of them and acting accordingly.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Professor T.W. Wlde

Executive Summary


Chapter One, a regional geologic history of the basins of the Arabian Gulf

Chapter Two, the petroleum exploration and production history of Iraq

Chapter Three, the petroleum geology of Iraq

Chapter Four, Iraq oil and gas reserves and production history

Chapter Five, petroleum and other infrastructure

Chapter Six, the geopolitics of Iraq and the Middle East

Chapter Seven, petroleum legislation and agreements in Iraq

Chapter Eight, the future petroleum prospectivity of Iraq

Chapter Nine, Iraq after the January 2005 elections [new chapter, added December 2004]




For a more detailed introduction and to view the table of contents, download this PDF document: IRAQ_ep_handbook.pdf (450 kb)

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Published - December 2004
Size - 312 pages


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