The Libyan Petroleum Industry in the Twenty First Century:
the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Handbook

The Libyan Petroleum Industry in the Twenty First Century: the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Handbook

by W.A Otman and M.A.G Bunter

Published: May 2005
Pages: 377
Format: Hardcopy & Acrobat Reader (PDF)
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March 2011: Geopolitics of Libya, a monograph by M.A.G Bunter

In this Handbook, the authors analyse Libyan investment opportunities in the Oil and Gas Sector. They discuss all aspects of the Libyan petroleum sector ranging from upstream, midstream and downstream evaluating technical, legal and commercial developments and their bearing on Libyan investment opportunities. Their Handbook is market-oriented and is primarily designed for the foreign investor interested in taking advantage of the recent major changes in Libya's geo-political circumstances. To a limited extent it might also be of assistance to Libyan government policymakers.

The Handbook contains much new technical, legal and financial material recently released to the authors by the Libyan government.


For more information you can also download the table of contents and forewords: Libyan Petroleum Industry.pdf (480 kb)

Table of contents

Foreword by...

Synopsis - Executive Summary

Chapter One, An introduction to Libya

Chapter Two, A Regional Geologic History of Libya and of North Africa

Chapter Three, The Petroleum Exploration and Production History of libya

Chapter Four, The Petroleum Exploration and Production Geology of Libya

Chapter Five, Libyan Petroleum Law and Agreements: Economic and Policy Aspects

Chapter Six, The Marketing & Pricing of Libyan Crude Oil

Chapter Seven, Libyan Downstream and Midstream Petroleum Industry

Chapter Eight, The Libyan Gas Industry

Chapter Nine, The Libyan Petroleum Industry in the 21st Century


About the Authors

Waniss A. Otman is a Petroleum-economist born in Libya and a member of various professional organisations worldwide. He has a BSc Degree in Petroleum Engineering (Libya), Masters Degree (MSc) in Gas Engineering (England), Master Degree (MSc) in Petroleum Economics and Engineering (Scotland), Master Degree (LLM) in International Law and Diplomacy (England). Presently he is in the final stage of his Doctoral programme, the main theme of study entails ‘Economics, Legal and Technical Evaluation of Investment in the Libyan Oil and Gas Industry' (Department of Economics and Engineering, University of Aberdeen, Scotland). This perspective has strengthened his background in areas of risk and uncertainty analysis of the petroleum industry. Waniss has contributed immensely to the Libyan petroleum industry through several publications and presentations in world forums as well as to International Oil Companies. He has undisputed potential in the industry and is cutting a distinguished academic career in the sector. Currently Waniss is focusing his attention on economic aspects of the Libyan oil and gas industry and its future role in the economic diversification of Libya. He has undertaken the role of senior author of this Handbook. Currently, Waniss is employed with the Libyan Ministry of Energy, Investment and Economics Affairs Dep.

In the year 2004 Waniss was appointed by the Libyan Minister of Energy as a Member of The Higher Committee for Energy Strategies in Libya. This important think-tank is involved with all activities within the energy (renewable/non-renewable), and the oil and gas (exploration and production) sectors. He has recently been appointed as a Director of the Libyan Petroleum Agreements Evaluation and Studies Committee, which relates to the technical, policy and legal framework in the Libyan petro-economic sector under the Libyan Ministry of Energy.

Michael Bunter is an English petroleum geologist with over 35 years of international oil fields experience including three years in Libya between 1968 and 1970. In 1974 he joined the American Oil Company CONOCO, working in Malaysia, Indonesia, the USA and Egypt and later on he jointed a major British consultancy where he become Chief Petroleum Geologist. Since 1999 Mr Bunter has run his own independent British petroleum consulting group, B and R Co, specialising in advice to host governments in petroleum licensing and in the assessment of investment opportunities for International Oil Companies. He provides technical, fiscal, legal/contractual and geopolitical evaluations of petroleum investment opportunities world-wide. He is a regular contributor to the online journal of petroleum law OGEL and is an Honorary Lecture at the Centre for Energy, Petroleum Law and Policy at the University of Dundee, Scotland. He provides lectures world-wide on the monitoring of petroleum operations, on regulation, licensing and on negotiations and world's petroleum legal and contractual framework. He is the author of the standard textbook on petroleum licensing and of many other technical publications and training monographs.

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